Best Option for Teaching Certificate with BA: SUNY, Loyola, Manhattan, Bridgewater

My daughter is certain she wants to be an elementary teacher. She has been accepted to Binghamton, Stony Brook, Geneseo, New Paltz, Oswego, Bridgewater State(Mass), Manhattan College, Loyola University, and Oregon State. She loves History, English, and Ethnic and Women’s Studies. She is hoping for a vibrant, progressive campus. She would love to get her teaching certification with her BA and start her career. Any feedback on which of these campuses have a strong program to prepare teachers and explore deeply the issues around education?

Family members who are teachers strongly recommend attending school in the state they want to teach in, ESPECIALLY if the desired outcome is to teach in NY. I have a few family members who went to school in NY and got tenured track positions with no issues at all. The ones who went to school elsewhere had more hoops to jump through and even 10 years of experience in another state wasn’t enough to keep another from basically being hired as a “new” teacher.


@Adelaide_P - helpingmom hit one of the most important thing in looking at teaching programs (requirements vary by state). Some of the other things to consider.

  1. How many students are in the education program?
  2. What’s the pass rate for the teacher exams (public data)?
  3. Special programs (5 year masters?)

I don’t think Binghamton has an elementary education program. My D19 is a Elem Ed/Special Ed Major at Manhattan. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the school and program.

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