Best Pancakes!

<p>Forget what you've heard about the Feve or Black River Cafe in Oberlin. I've tried their pancakes and they don't measure up to First Start in Westlake. I ate there over the weekend when I came out to pack up my frosh D (now "rising sophomore"?)and bring her home for the summer. Best omlet I've tasted at a restaurant/cafe/diner anywhere, and I travel a lot on business. The carrot cake pancake was to DIE for! It should be illegal. The Georgia Pecan pancake was great too. I had one of each. The pancakes are large in diameter, so you have to be careful. They are the perfect thickness: they aren't catalog thick like the Black River Cafe and they aren't paper thin like crepes. I'd say they are a perfect in-between thickness. They melt in your mouth.</p>

<p>I can't wait to go back there in the fall. For parents unfamiliar with the Oberlin-Cleveland area, Westlake is close to North Olmsted where a lot of Oberlin families choose to stay. It's a nicer area than Elyria. I also think the hotels are nicer. The shopping will keep the moms happy for a week. First Start is in an upscale promenade shopping mall, and there are a few malls, one indoor, two or three outdoor, down the street from the hotels in North Olmsted. The downside? North Olmsted and Westlake are farther away than Elyria, but I get there in about 20 minutes, driving from the campus in Oberlin. </p>

<p>I can still taste those pancakes. :)</p>

<p>Sorry, my error. The great pancake place is called "First Watch" not First Start.</p>

<p>Despite the buzz about Black River Cafe pancakes, I dared to have a hamburger there on Sunday afternoon. Excellent!!</p>

<p>First Watch is a chain. i used to go to one when I lived in the midwest.
It is indeed an excellent place to go for breakfast, or lunch.</p>

<p>Black River burgers=so good. Way, way better than Feve burgers.</p>

<p>The Burgers may be better at Black River Cafe, but their pancakes leave much to be desired. I'm a pancake fan. Black River pancakes are thick, doughy, bland and sit in your stomach like a brick. :) It's like putting butter and syrup on pita bread. Get the pancakes at First Watch. It's worth the drive.</p>