best party school of the ivies?

<p>what's a typical saturday night like at penn? what do students do for fun? i've hard it's the 'social' ivy with cornell a distant 2nd.</p>

<p>you heard wrong</p>

<p>It's not really that Penn being great so much as the other schools being so bad at it ;)</p>

<p>I'd rank social life at the Ivies in the following order. Dartmouth and Penn are the most social, with Princeton close behind. Columbia is without question the lowest.</p>

<li>Penn/ Dartmouth</li>
<li>Yale/ Cornell</li>

1. Penn/ Dartmouth
3. Princeton
4. Brown
5. Yale/ Cornell
7. Harvard
8. Columbia


<p>I don't necessarily agree with this. Each school has its own unique and fulfilling social life. At Columbia, since it's in the city, students probably spend a night on the city in a small group, rather than partying it up at the frats like you would do at Dartmouth or Cornell or at the food clubs in Princeton. And, I'm also sure that the folks at Columbia won't say that the social life is a total disaster as your ratings imply. </p>

<p>And your rankings are a bit off. Cornell and Penn are both party schools, but Penn has partying with at least a decent regard for academia...</p>

<p>After those schools, all the ivies fall behind if you want to do some serious ranking.</p>

<p>oh yeah i never said penn was great. i'm not gonna compare it to UT or anything. just saying it was the best. i'm looking for a school that has that work hard M-F then party hard on the weekends type attitude, and i've heard that's very penn. thanks guys.</p>