Best path for forensics?

So, I know this question comes up a lot but, here goes nothing…

I want to go into the forensic science field, and I’m thinking of doing a B.S in Chemistry and then an M.S in Forensics. My question is, is this a good path to get into forensic science? I’d love to hear some thoughts on this.

You could try finding a Forensic Science major for undergrad, like at Penn State, and potentially go into grad school for additional studies after :wink:

Yep, BS in chemistry and MS in forensics is a good path and will keep the most options open. You could look at schools that have forensic science majors, but I wouldn’t limit yourself to that or choose a school primarily because of that major.

Yeah, I was thinking that doing an undergrad in forensics would limit me too much, especially as far as potential careers/jobs go.