Best place to buy books for English class?

<p>Where is the best place to buy books on the reading list for English class? Not $100 dollar textbooks but books ranging from $10 to $40. I checked prices on Amazon but it's only about 10% less than the bookstore prices and I was thinking I should just buy from student store or Ned's and sell it back?
Also whats the name of the site where you can buy books from Cal students who took the course earlier?</p>


<p>I suggest buying them used from Ned's or ASUC bookstore. However you could also find some of the classics/lit books in Moe's Bookstore on Telegraph.</p>

<p> is another source</p>

<p>try first. other cal students will try to get rid of them and u can get them really cheap. u can try buying online but the shipping will drive ur total up.
don't sell it back to Ned's or the Student Store. they will literally give u only a dollar for a book that u bought for $15.</p>