Best Place to Buy Textbooks

<p>Where is the best, cheapest place to buy Textbooks around here. I hear about the Co-Op but is there anywhere else?</p>

<p>Amazon,, ebay, Facebook marketplace, & craigslist are all most likely cheaper than the Co Op.</p>

<p>Thank you. Well... when is the best time to buy books? Does the Co-Op ever "run out"? Do some of these books become hard to find or just the used ones? (i used to live in a small time and this happened frequently if you didnt buy books early and my problem is I wasnt able to get into 2 of the classes I need so i have to wait until add/drop periods so i am not completely ready to buy books)</p>

<p>If you like to spend too much on books, then the Co-Op is for you. The only pro of shopping there is that you can get the books fast. </p>

<p> is an awesome site that gathers books from all the other sites and tells you the cheapest option. Also if you have to buy a new edition of a book, try to see if the last edition is the same (usually it's just a page number difference) or get the international edition (which is usually just paperback)</p>

<p>Now would the best time. Only a week or two before other students will start looking for books. I already got books for two of my classes for wayyy below Co op prices. I don't know if the Co op will run out of books right before classes start, but I'm assuming they don't because their textbooks are expensive lol. You most likely don't need your books until the Monday after classes start...</p>

<p>^ I personally am of the school of though where I wait until the class starts to see if I <em>really</em> need the book. I like to live dangerously though, and don't get my books until like 2 - 3 weeks into class.</p>

<p>That being said, I only bought 2 books last year. w00t!</p>

<p>I know I saw this somewhere, but where can I find what books my courses require? I saw a link to it when I was registering.</p>

<p>if you go to the coop's site, there's a link called "find my textbooks" or something</p>

<p>, I highly suggest it.</p>

<p>^ You have left over books to sell? You've seen my schedule.</p>

<p>Sorry if its a very ignorant question but, If I want to order books from say: Amazon and i have scholarship money that is sent to UT to pay for it, how should i go about using that money to pay amazon? Is it even possible?</p>

<p></a> - Down for Maintenance.<br>
Rent your books here and turn them in at the end of the semester. Way cheaper than buying. If you end up not needing the book you can return it for a full refund. Great website.</p>

<p>^ Useless because you can't get money for selling your books back. You can pay almost nothing if you buy a book used online and then sell a book used online.</p>

<p> has free Amazon Prime membership for students. Amazon</a> Student</p>

<p>The best source for textbooks is friends.
I'm selling a BIO311C, CH301, and Calculus text book if anyone is interested (shameless plug)</p>

<p>^ im interested in the calculus text book if its the right one for m408d</p>

<p>I bought mine from the co-op (overpriced) and (they're pretty good) last year. I heard renting from Chegg is pretty cheap so I'm trying there this year.</p>

<p>Textbook list-- if you go to your class listing at <a href=""&gt;;/a> then choose the correct semester, it'll list your classes and have a link to "check textbooks for these courses". It'll lead you to the co-op website and load a list of all your books, so you dont have to search for your classes individually on the co-op site. It's pretty handy!</p>

<p>kaygar09, thanks so much for that link! That's really helpful.</p>

<p>ohoh anhtimmy I need all of those books actually! Shoot me a message if you still have them. </p>

<p>Quick question though, on the co-op page it says some of my books are custom editions... do they have those on as well or is that something UT specific?</p>

<p>It's the same book. The Coop sells "custom" biology books for BIO 311C and BIO 311D. Basically it's the same book, photocopied, and split in half.</p>

<p>It should be similar with other books.</p>