Best places to eat?

<p>It's summer, and I have more time to eat out with people. Has anyone tried those new eateries by Northgate? A cafe, Urban Turban (Indian wraps), and a cheesesteak shop. </p>

<p>The keepers--</p>

Thai Basil
Lotus House
Yogurtland (and I guess Yogurt Park...but Yogurtland lets me choose how little I want.)
Sunrise Deli
Bongo Burger
La Note--for a special occasion. $30+ brunch for two is out of my typical range. But damn, that omelet and those home fries were good. </p>

Top Dog--I've had several times. I have to admit, I feel that $3 for a hot dog and bun isn't worth it.
Ici--I've often found myself wondering what I'm doing in an ice cream shop when I can buy more at the grocery market for the same price. However, it's worth trying. The cones are what I really love. Maybe my palate isn't delicate enough to appreciate the $4 ice cream. </p>

<p>Tara's Organic Ice Cream--I haven't yet tried it, but am planning on stopping by someday.
Gregoire--is this worth going to?
IB's Hoagies?
Smart Alec's?
Hummingbird Cafe?</p>

<p>Gregoire: definitely worth it. Everyone raves about the potato puffs, but I thought they were alright. Try the menu items though. Very fresh, rotate monthly.
Smart Alec's: Liked it but got sick of it. Huge portions. Tasty bread and cornbread. Good salads.
Angeline's: southern food
La Cascada: Better than La Buritta
Gypsy's: get calzones
Flavors of India
Maoz: vegetarian but still good
Vietnam Village and Mandarin House (Asian Ghetto)
Cafe Durant: Get the breakfast, not the mexican food

King Pin: donuts
La Farine: try morning buns
Love at First Bite: cupcakes
Masse's Pastries: french desserts</p>