best plan for undecided major in college?


<p>I am currently an undecided major (I am still in high school but by the time I enter college, I'll probably be undecided). In college, I want to do liberal arts until I decided on a major. Typically, how long is the shortest liberal arts degree? Two years? Four?</p>

<p>There are many students who do not declare their majors until the second semester of sophomore year. You can take core courses and whatever interests you until you decide. You will have plenty of time to complete your BA. The student advisors will be there to guide you along.</p>

<p>Some majors, like physics, require starting prerequisites early, because they have six or seven semester long chains of prerequisites. So check the length of the prerequisite chains of all possible majors that you may consider so that you can avoid unintentionally shutting yourself out of them in your first few semesters.</p>

are the core courses part of a liberal arts degree or just courses for credits in order to graduate?
thanks for the info so far.</p>