Best Practice Tests?

<p>Which books, in order, have the most accurate practice tests - besides the official ACT book?</p>

<p> an earlier post, I talked about the fact that almost all ACT books are accurate. Since the ACT doesn't have any tricks to solving their problems, the tests can be duplicated rather well by almost any service, unlike the SAT where, if you miss the sort of trick at the end, then you lose.</p>

<p>But if I were to rate it: REAL then PR then Kaplan then Spark then Barron. (don't buy Barrons, it's way too damn hard, just discourages you.)</p>

<p>lol i got PR and barrons...PR tells you exactly what's going to be on the test, and the tests seem very accurate to the real tests. Barron's tells you what is going to be on the test, and then they tell you everything else related to that, making the test seem 10x harder than it actually is</p>

<p>Definitely real ACT tests then PR tests.</p>