best programs for math level 2 ( ti-89)

<p>hello fellas,how are u doing?</p>

<p>i just brought ti-89 calculator.Who is experienced in this business,may know some good resource of math level 2 programs (which helps a lot).</p>

<p>for example i just wanted amplitude solver and got :)</p>

<p>TI-89</a> Graphing Calculator Programs - Trigonometry</p>

<p>is there a specific thread about level 2 and sat 1 math programs?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot,guys :)</p>

<p>im searching for solving an asymptote :(</p>

<p>Do u know the most reliable way to solve it?</p>

<p>Apart from a polynomial rootfinder and graphing functionality you don't really need programs. Unless your confidence level is high enough you know you will get 800, you can consume a lot of time by just going through calculator programs. If you can't memorize all formulas you can use TI-89 to take notes. </p>

<p>I got 800 on SAT II and I use only the rootfinder, graphing functionality, some notes, and a LOT of test practice like the week of the test.</p>

<p>The most reliable way to solve for asymptotes is to use calculus (horizontial) and/or algebra (vertical and slant, thought SAT II doesn't test slant asymptotes). B/c you are given answers choices fastest way to do it is to use calculator.</p>