Best QB Texas has had

<p>in your opinion, who was the best QB texas ever had???? I think its Vince Young, although Gilbert is promising. </p>

<p>I think Riley Dodge would have been a star by now, had he stuck with Texas.</p>

<p>Riley might have been a star... at WR. He was not going to be given a chance to play QB at UT. That is why he de-committed and went to play with his dad at UNT. Also, how would he have been a star by now? Fat chance Mack would start a freshman or sophomore over a player like Colt.</p>

<p>I would say it is tough to pick just one. Vince obviously should be near the top, but I think you should not leave out the all-time winning-est QB in the history of CFB. You also need to consider some of the older guys, like Layne, Appleywhite, and Street.</p>

<p>Vince Young was one of the best college QB's. Definitely VY.</p>

<p>as you can see Colt was only a 3 star recruit in HS. i never said he would have started him, i mean colt didnt even start. he would have grown into a star, just like colt did though.</p>



<p>Colt McCoy was the starting quarterback since his redshirt freshman year. </p>

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<p>True, but you have to look at the reasoning behind the stars. Dodge was at SLC and received plenty of national attention, he was slighted mainly because of his lack of height and supposed lack of arm strength. Colt was mainly slighted because he was skinny and came from a small school. Colt lacked extra stars mainly because it was perceived that he played well against a lack of talent, this wasn't the case with Dodge. I do wish both Dodge's would have success up in Denton, they are both good people.</p>

<p>Also, if Colt didn't start, Snead would have as a frosh so you never know if he would have had more success at UT than at Ole Miss. Dodge may have been able to beat him out, but I highly doubt it. Especially considering the fact that the UT staff didn't want him at QB.</p>

<p>Personally, Young is my favorite, he single-handedly beat that SC team that was on a payroll :D</p>

<p>"redshirt" , he didnt start his first year at UT.</p>

<p>these schools are always converting players...</p>



<p>Do you know what "redshirt" status is? College athletes are given five years to complete four years of competition, notwithstanding hardship medical cases, e.g. Jordan Shipley. </p>

<p>Colt could not play his true freshman year because of his "redshirt" status. So, your assertion that he didn't start is incorrect--he wasn't eligible to play without "burning" the redshirt.</p>

<p>Dodge was never going to play at Texas with his father taking the helm at North Texas, thus guaranteeing him playing time, so the hypothetical is rather mute. No amount of "redshirting" was going to aid Dodge's odds of playing at UT.</p>

<p>No crap Colt didn't start his first year. Vince was too busy dominating.</p>

<p>yeah vince young is also my favorite, I just looked at his stats and they were amazing, I wasn't a big college football fan back then,but his stats really amaze me. USC vs UT was a epic game, too bad I saw it on espn classics and not live.</p>

<p>yea lol, but the poster above made the claim..</p>

<p>Dodge was going to play for Texas, then his father got hired.(he de-committed after his father was hired)</p>

<p>Bobby Layne, nuff' said...</p>

<p>How do you know this, pierre? You must have not followed recruiting back then, because it was common knowledge why he went to UNT and how UT wanted him at WR. He switched his commitment to UNT over half a year after his father was hired at UNT, that was a factor, but not the whole reason he switched. If UT wanted him at QB, or would have at least given him a real shot, he would be a longhorn.</p>

<p>His father getting the coaching job, was the deciding factor for him...imo. I mean he plays WR at UNT, so he was probably going to end up playing that position anyway.</p>

<p>That's your problem, Pierre. You throw out these opinions when there are facts that go against them. So what that you feel that is why he committed to UNT? He, as well as many insiders, said that he liked UNT for the prospect of playing QB. On top of that, he committed to UT 3 months after his dad had already accepted the job at UNT. I am not trying to deny that wanting to play for his father played some role, but he even said himself that he really wanted to play QB and UNT afforded him that option.</p>

<p>Here is a quote from him when he switched his commitment: "I believe I am a quarterback. I think I can do it on the next level. I just went with my gut." </p>

<p>This is such a freaking dumb argument...</p>

<p>Vince Young will forever and always be the best quarterback UT has ever had. He will also always rank up there as one of the best college football players of all time. He simply dominated games.</p>

<p>Bobby Layne. No question. Vince was nothing compared to Bobby.</p>

<p>James Street probably #2 (being the only starter to never lose a game probably helps).</p>

<p>Vince at best 3.</p>

<p>Duke Carlisle, Peter Gardere, Colt McCoy, and Major Applewhite all also deserve mention, but not at the level of the other 3.</p>

<p>I'm going to be different and say Peter "the Great" Gardere. He is the only quarterback to ever go 4-0 against OU.</p>

<p>There's a reason #10 was retired for Vince Young and not Gardere.</p>

<p>Gardere was dominant against the Sooners, but the rest of his performances, particularly against our primary rivals, Texas A&M University, weren't remarkable, except for the 1990 miracle season. He's a legend solely for the OU performances, at a point when neither OU nor we were particularly nationally prominent (mid 1980s to mid 1990s), again with the exception of that 1990 club, in a non-conference game against our second or third biggest rival at the time (A&M was #1, particularly as we were in the depths of a 1-10 run against the Aggies at that time, and conference foe Arkansas was arguably #2, though the rivalry had fallen off a bit from the Royal-Broyles heyday).</p>

<p>If he had performed better against the Aggies, or if he had managed to win a national title against Miami in the 1991 Cotton Bowl instead of leading us to the 46-3 shellacking we received, things would be a bit different for his legacy. Instead, he's solely the guy that brought us 4 wins against our #2 rival. It's a big deal, but it doesn't compare to the true legends of the Texas Longhorns.</p>

<p>I said him because everyone else is saying Young. Just want to be different. What fun is everyone saying the same thing?</p>