Best Resume Format?

<p>Okay, so by the time one begins to apply to colleges, they have most likely written at least 1 resume. I wrote one for my junior interview, for interview at jobs, etc. Do you think the overall look of the resume helps? My question is, what would be the best format for a resume when applying yo colleges? Is there any one template in particular that you like? </p>

<p>Feel free to post a link with your most favorite template! :D</p>

<p>Yo, I'm just starting my resume. I'm entering my Fresh year next fall.
What format do you use?</p>

<p>HEADING: Name, contact info, if you have an application number/user id for a specific school then put that on if you want, it's also optional to put on your SS#. </p>

<p>OVERVIEW(optional): A few SHORT sentences to write a mini-bio. If you speak more than one language, if you have received any super outstanding award, if you've been published. Just imagine it as a news report or an obituary. </p>

<p>EDUCATION: Name of your high school(s) and their address. You can also add your GPA/class rank but it's not necessary because that would be in your normal application. Do not add awards because there is a section on that. </p>

<p>WORK EXPIERENCE: If you've had any jobs, put them first with the most recent at the top. Example:</p>

<p><em>bold</em>Sales Associate at Blahblahblah (March 2009- August 2010)<em>bold</em>
This is where you would type your duties. Bullet points take too much space and because a resume should be at the maximum 2 pages unless you're the president, stick to a short paragraph. </p>

<p>VOLUNTEER EXPIERENCE and EXTRA CURRICULAR: If you have any put it here. This can be anything from playing an instrument to being the class president. I like to keep this sections in tandem because sometimes if you are in a club that volunteers in the community it qualifies as both. If you are in a club say, Mock Trial, that also went to help a group of retired lawyers at an old age home (totally made that up) then first say the club and then beneath it write any volunteer work associated with it. Use the same format as work experience. If it is a long running volunteer position put the dates (March 2009- August 2010) and if it was only for a day, such as a specific event, then write the hours and the grade you were in (11th grade - 16 hrs.) DON'T OVERLOAD THIS SECTION! It's better for a school to see 4 cohesive volunteer/extra curricular activities than 12 completely different ones that don't highlight your interests. </p>

<p>AWARDS: If you have any, put it here and make sure it is last. Awards are quick to read and will always end your college app. resume on a high note. Just list the award if its self explanatory (as well as the year it was achieved) and if it's an award named after someone just explain it in a single sentence. </p>

<p>Remember, this resume is completely different from a job resume so don't go sending the application you sent to work at Pizza Delphino's to Yale.</p>

<p>Thanks! That sounds like a great format!</p>