Best Review Books for these AP's

<p>I have 5 AP classes this year and would like to know which AP review books will be most beneficial to me. These are the classes:</p>

<p>AP Biology
AP Psychology
AP Government
AP Economics (Bought PR)
AP Calculus BC (have PR from last year's AB)</p>

<p>ap bio - cliffsnotes (or so i've heard)</p>

<p>don't know about the other ones</p>

<p>For AP Biology, I'm currently using Cliff's.</p>

<p>N. Gregory Mankiw's economics texts are not review books, but they are very good nonetheless, if not the best.</p>

<p>I used Barron's last year for AP Calculus AB.</p>

<p>AP Gov - Princeton Review (I got a 5 never having taken the class, just reading this book the night before!)</p>


<p>AP Biology- Cliffs
AP Psychology- Barrons
AP Calc- Barrons & Cliffs</p>

<p>In general, I hate Barron's (usually far too much information, not explained succinctly enough) and love PR. But do yourself a favor and go down to the bookstore and see which books make sense to YOU.</p>

<p>Hmm what about for AP Chem?</p>

<p>In Bio, we are using the Campbell's book, which comes with a CD and practice book, that you could take quizzes from</p>

<p>For chem, I've looked through the old forums, and barron's and princeton review pop up the most</p>

<p>any good book for economics? or will any of the kaplan/PR book do the job?</p>

<p>i think PR wastes too much time making fun of the college board rather than reviewing the material. its more entertaining to read, but barrons is better in raising the scores.</p>

<p>If you take the classes and have good teachers, chances are you don't really need to review everything. In this situation, PR works best. They only put what you have to know for the exam. However, if you really need to go over everything as if with a textbook, you might want to check out Barron's, which simply just puts in every detail. I prefer overview over detail when preparing for the AP's.</p>

<p>what about books for french lang. and physics B?</p>

<p>I used Cliff's for AP Bio last May and I scored a 5. If you have a good teacher and work diligently during the school year, then it should only take you about a few hours to go over Cliff's and you would not need such a detailed book as Barron's. However, more is always better if you have the time.</p>

<p>What books are good for extra review during the year for AP Physics B and AP Calculus AB?</p>

<p>Bio - Cliff's</p>

<p>Chem: Barron's (but is very thorough and only good to use along with your textbook throughout year)</p>

<p>Calculus: princeton?</p>

<p>For calculus, I recommend Barron's.</p>

<p>For Calculus, not many have heard of this. But our teacher ordered a workbook for us during 4th quarter called "Preparing for the Calculus Exam" by George Best and Richard Lux. It had 6 sets of complete practice AP exams which I found to be comparable to the real exam. She made us do sets out of the problem as a review for AP and as a result, all 20 of us in Calculus BC got a 5 on the AP Exam :)</p>

<p>i used princeton review for calc ab and i got a 5</p>

<p>for psychology, i see that a lot of ppl recommend barrons. since theres no AP psychology at my school, i went ahead and took psychology over the summer. is it enough for me just to study barrons and get a 5 (or 4) on the ap test? can it be done (not easily, but not like killing yourself to remember stuff) and are there any other APs that are really easy to get a 5 on?</p>

<p>how about ap euro?</p>