Best route to WF from Northern Virginia?

<p>We will be headed down to Wake Forest for a scholarship interview in March and I have never driven directly from our area (western Fairfax County) to Wake Forest. Google maps indicates a couple of different routes. For those of you who have done this before, is it better to go straight down Rt. 29 south through Charlottesville or is it better to go I-95 and then cut back across on 85south and 40 west.</p>

<p>I would avoid I-95 whenever possible. As you know, the 100 miles from Washington to Richmond can take 3+ hours. </p>

<p>We've found that I-81 is a piece of cake. For us, it's much better than 95. It may be longer in miles, but it's definitely not longer (maybe even shorter) in hours.</p>

<p>Thanks, DougBetsy! Have you ever taken Rt. 29?</p>

<p>29 is the senic route - we drive it to Charlottesville and have taken it down to Greensboro & High Point NC a few summers ago. Watch out for speed traps, especially in Madison County and (I assume) on 15 South of Charlottesville. At least the price of gas drops when you hit Gainsville.</p>

<p>Google maps recommends I-95 to Petersburg. Depending on how far west you are in Fairfax, I'd take Ffx County Pkwy and 123 to Woodbridge and get onto 95 there. Or 28 into Manassas and PW Pkwy to 95. Once clear of the DC area, you should be OK to Richmond. Traffic will be FAST. Up to you if you go straight through (Google routing) or take the bypass (295). I'd avoid the evening (southbound) rush hour, and try to monitor traffic ahead (some GPS and smart phones can do this) as an accident can jam up 95 for miles.</p>

<p>Def 95 and then 85 > 40. There is absolutely no reason to go on 29 (took it once). Don't be silly and leave at times you know you will encounter rush hour. Leaving around 10am should be fine.</p>

<p>We live in Maryland and almost always take 29. It takes about the same amount of time, and is much prettier and more relaxed.</p>

<p>I second 95...driving from NJ it is what I always took. The traffic is avoidable.</p>

<p>GPS devices may take you around the 495 to avoid 95....don't do it; major construction every 5 miles as of two weeks ago.......</p>

<p>agree with above; time it right and do 95 to 85 to speed on 85; it's like a ghost road even at high traffic times......</p>

<p>Have done all 3 routes multiple times and the vote is for - Rt 81. Take 81 south - you'll pass right by James Madison and Virginia Tech - all the way into NC.</p>

<p>Second vote is for 29.</p>

<p>We hate 95 - won't do it anymore. It's fine once you get on 85 - but 95 is ridiculous - afternoon/evening - does not seem to matter.</p>