<p>what's the best SAT II writing, math iic and biology M prep book???</p>

<p>There are lots of threads about this right now...</p>

<p>Writing: Sparknotes, many also recommend Kaplan
Math IIC: I've seen many recommendations for PR
Biology M: Study from Cliffs AP Biology and you're guaranteed a great score</p>

<p>writing: Barron's
Mathiic- not pr</p>

<p>lindsey is right, there are so many posts about this. If you're interested, you should look around.</p>

<p>Writing: Kaplan
Math IIC: PR</p>

<p>writing: arco/kaplan
math: barrons, hands down
bio: barrons, kaplan are both good</p>

<p>math1c2c - barrons</p>

<p>the books i used that helped me get 800s are Writing-Kaplan; IIC-PR</p>

<p>I actually have PR for all three and would definitely recommend. The tests are great.</p>

<p>i like pr's book for chem satii, they break up the info quite well</p>