Best Sat Ii Physics Prep

<p>i am using kaplan SAT II physics, how is that book? does it cover all the necessary material? anyone that used it please post how you did on the exam in comparison to the practice tests</p>

<p>Hey I'm studying like mad with Kaplan SATII physics, so far I think it's OK and reviews all the material I learned in school (and forgot.) I don't know if it's alot easier than the real SATII, but how hard can it get in 75 questions/1 hour?</p>

<p>I am studying with that book also... doing it in my independent study block for physics... i got 700 on my first test.. before any prep... i hope i can get an 800 on the real test... good luck to you..</p>

<p>How do these tests compare to the test?</p>

<p>any other books that are good?</p>

<p>I made a similar thread as well. I've taken couple practice tests and scored around 750, so hopefully I'll be able to get close to 800 after a week's worth of cramming. How do the Kaplan tests compare to the real thing?</p>

<p>Bumpidy Bump Bump</p>

<p>I heard Kaplan's Physics underpreps you. The material is not comprehensive, it only covers the basics. (I have one)</p>

<p>Don't dare Barron's though, the material is so difficult to understand. I took out a college Physics textbook and found that the concepts are more understandable here.</p>

<p>Try Princeton's Review. I don't have it (something which I deeply regret), but I've read good reviews.</p>

<p>barron's is too difficult??? no way, i used it and i got a 780. it was very comprehensive and perhaps preped me a little too much, but it wasn't too hard.</p>

<p>For someone who had never listened to her magnetism classes, Barron's is hard. The practice test is probably easy, but the way they explain the material, esp. for Electromagnetism was completely frustrating. I thought at first I simply wasn't as intelligent as the rest of the world(hmmm... on the second thought, I probably am) but when I opened a college textbook, I found (to my relief! ;)) that I understood the concept easier.</p>

<p>There are questions that are just plain WRONG in Barron's. The book is of course useful, but the online Sparknotes one is just so much easier to understand.</p>