Best SAT Math prep book?

<p>I'm taking the SAT for the first time on June 2nd and I really need to improve my math score for it. I'm good with CR and Writing (just need to learn more vocab & study examples for the essay), it's just math that I struggle with. Right now I have the blue book but I'm looking for another book that will really help me in addition to the BB, since I usually score around 500-600 on math when I hope to get a 700 or better in June. </p>

<p>Should I get another book to help me prepare for math or should i just stick with the BB? And if I should get another one, which one is the best? Thanks!</p>

<p>Follow these steps:</p>

<li>Khan</a> Academy <- only the ones that are covered by the SAT math</li>
<li>Practice (BB)
3.Go through Barron's 2400 / Barron's SAT prep book</li>
<li>Practice until you master it.(BB)</li>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2012 and the Gruber's Complete Math Workbook are by far the best books for math. The strategies in these books are remarkable.
Also the Gruber SAT 2400--but I would go with his SAT Guide 2012 first.</p>

<p>I need help with math. Does anyone have an opinion of PWN the SAT? It is expensive and I want to hear what other CCers think before I spend $25.00.</p>

<p>I'm a tutor and I use his book with my students who are in the 600+ range. My students and I think it's great. Totally worth it, IMO</p>