Best SAT strategy

<p>What company has the best SAT Strategies they outline in books that will REALY help during the SAT Is?</p>

<p>Barron, Kaplan, Princeton Review?</p>


<p>The Blue book is your SAT bible...the online course is your e-mecca.</p>

<p>I used Princeton Review... some of it was helpful but a lot of it was just common sense. I thought it was most helpful just doing a bunch of timed practice tests and I got a 2310</p>

<p>May I ask what exactly is the online course? Is it a few more practice tests (how many more, specifically)? Does it actually have a tutoring program thing that explains strategies and problems step-by-step?</p>

<p>^ same question. I'm thinking of getting it this summer.</p>

<p>The online course has 6 more tests + pretest. It has lessons and practice and such, but everything you can in those you can find in the Blue Book and Red Book. The explanations aren't all that helpful either. So basically, I bought the online course for the 6 extra tests and the automatic essay scoring.</p>

<p>hehe it was free in my school if you signed up for the review course (which was also free lol)</p>

<p>your own strategy is beest. For ex, princeton's PITA or Plug in methods sometimes are grossly overused and ineffective and cumbersome.
you develop your own methods.</p>

<p>Yep, <em>your</em> best strategy is the best one. Like there's no one best way for everyone to train for a marathon, etc.
And I know of no better way to determine <em>your</em> best strategy than to work through practice material with different approaches (from prep books, classmates, message boards...) and find what works best for <em>you</em>.</p>