best schools for anthropology?

<p>hey, what schools are considered the best for anthropology? I'm applying to upenn, swarthmore and haverford which all have programs, but I'm looking for some more perhaps.</p>


<p>I've heard good things about Michigan, Tulane, Vanderbilt and Beloit College.</p>

<p>u of chicago? horace miner went there</p>

<p>Reid stole my thunder by naming the ones I was going to. But a few others:
Rice, Skimore, Pitzer, KKenyon, Grinnell, Knox.</p>

<p>Berkeley, Columbia</p>

<p>Dartmouth's program isn't highly ranked but its great. They have a grant called the goodman grant which lets you do research anywhere in the world! Then one on one attention for your thesis. IF anthropology grad school is what you want, its a great undergrad program. The thing is I would focus more on whether you like the school than focusing on whether they have a good program. All top schools have good programs.</p>