Best Schools for Transfer Econ 4.0 GPA from Community College

Well, the title really says it all. What are the top schools that I can transfer to with a 4.0 GPA? I live in California, so I’ve already covered the University of California system. Any other schools that I should look out either in state, out of state, and private schools?

How much can you afford? Major?

Depending on what you want to do,e.g. PhD, you could potentially be that rare person that transfers to an Ivy or similar. It depends on your vision and what other credentials you bring to the table…

I can afford to attend a public or private school. Also, boolaHI-I was a slcaker in high school and earned only a 2.6 GPA. I think that the Ivy leagues will look at that. Also, Machovich, my major is Economics/Finance when I transfer since I took the prereqs for business at my school. I am looking to see if I can get into UCLA, UCB, or UChicago as my top schools. My safety is UCSD, since I’m in California-but I’m looking to apply for any other schools. Are there any good LAC’s that have strong Econ/Finance programs that I can get into?

BoolaHI-I know Stanford isn’t an Ivy, but it’s Ivy quality right? I’m going to use that as my reach school.


Stranger things have happened than a student transferring from CC to an Ivy (or equivalent). I think some also see your high school transcript, which could harm you but I’m pretty sure you could retake standardized tests and show them SOMETHING that will show that you deserve it.

codemachine-I don’t mind if I don’t go to an ivy league. My original test scores were something around 1500… (slacker). Do you think I should go to UC Berkeley if I don’t get admitted into an ivy?

If you do that, you should do very thorough research about the department you are making application, so you can be nuanced in your personal statement.

Alright. Most likely it will be Economics/Finance.

I could imagine if you got your scores up and made a convincing argumet you could get into Berkeley. Are you in CA?

I am in California. Do UC’s count test scores in transfer from CC?

Im not sure but if the next score you take is the highest they may. Being in CA, your chances are infinitely higher. A lot of kids from my school transfer to our local state flagship after CC. Im sure it would be the same for CA if you’re qualified.

What do you think I should do in terms of LAC’s? I’m really looking into Swarthmore College

Swarthmore would probably be a reach (as it is for everyone) but you could submit an app. I’d look at Macalester, Reed, the Claremont schools, Haverford, and Oberlin.

I have looked into Reed, and the claremont schools-I preferred Reed. However, I’ve never heard of the other schools. My criteria isn’t so much of the school, but it’s reputation for its economics department. So, I’m looking at private/public alike.

CC has a list of the top LAC’s on the left-hand side of your screen under “Colleges and Universities”. If that’s the type of school you’re looking into, I’d check it out.

codemachine, I will be applying to Reed College, Denison University, and maybe Northwestern-do you think I will have a chance for economics

Northwestern may be a reach, but once again you should still to for it. You never know what may happen! The other two you’ll probably be fine with,

For Econ, you may consider UMich although very pricy. If you want to go to Ross at UMich, you may need an extra year to graduate as it is a 3 year program and the admission is rather competitive.