Best Schools - Industrial Organizational Psychology

Hey all - I am trying to narrow down my list of Industrial Organizational Psych. Master’s programs to 10. I currently am down to 11. I am really looking for Scientist-Practitioner, I/O Balanced, low costs, good faculty, preferably in an urban area for internships, small class sizes, quant/stats heavy, & positive program reputation for the sake of employment opportunities… Which program(s) should I eliminate (and why).

  • Texas A&M * Florida Institute of Tech. *UT Arlington * UTC Chattanooga *Akron *George Mason * Middle Tennessee State University * University of West Florida *San Diego State *Indiana University Indianapolis (Purdue) * Minnesota State University – Mankato, Minnesota

** Am I missing any great IO Master’s programs that fit my criteria? And which should I take off my list? Thank you.

If you have 11, and your target was 10, why don’t you just apply to 11? Eleven isn’t that much more than 10.

That said, if you wanted to cut some - based on your criteria, Minnesota State University might be an obvious choice because it’s not really in an urban area. It’s about an hour and a half to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

If you wanted to consider others, Georgia Tech (Atlanta), University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Bowling Green State University (Toledo), and Michigan State (East Lansing) are other ones to consider. All of them are technically urban, although Toledo and East Lansing are smaller cities.