Best Southern Business School for 3.2 GPA / 28 ACT

<p>Business School needed for 2011 entry
International Business or International Finance Degree
3.2 GPA, 28 ACT
Ohio ISS</p>

<p>Someplace warmer, not Chicago, Cleveland, Boston...
And has Army ROTC.</p>


<p>bump, bump, bump....</p>

<p>University of South Carolina is consistently ranked #1 in undergraduate international business/</p>

but a little out of my league, with 1000 apps and only 50 accepted/yr
(70 if you include Chinese) I don't stand much of a chance...</p>

<p>May be a bit of a stretch but Tulane. Amazing business school, and you have low side stats, but visit and apply ED if you like it.</p>

<p>SMU Cox</p>

<p>10 char.</p>