Best study book to improve SAT MATH I score?

<p>Need help . D finally got her delayed test scores back--delayed because there was such a discrepanacy between verbal and math, they were flagged. </p>

<p>D's verbal scores were in the 700s.</p>

<p>Her Math score was 500. </p>

<p>She is 16 and jumped a grade to be a senior so she is just getting into Algebra 2. She has some very weak areas--geometry, mental math skills (figuring a 15% tip for a waitress can be more agonizing than a trip to the dentist), fractions and percentages are bad news for her. Algebraic word problems are her best points. </p>

<p>She needs a book that assumes the worst and starts her off with the "easy stuff". It has to introduce one subject at a time, like one page (or two facing pages) per concept. She has had some bad health issues and was out of school for 9 months age 12, 70+ days age 14, and 1.5 months age 15--so she's got a LOT of gaps in her accumulated knowledge. </p>

<p>Also she needs something that DRILLS INTO HER how to take risks and PLUG THOSE NUMBERS IN to make educated guesses. </p>

<p>Suggestions are welcome. She's not trying to get a 2400--in her school a 2000 is considered a really good score!</p>

<p>I've heard that Gruber's is very good for math but I haven't used it so I can't comment on it myself. Just the general consensus I've gotten from CC.</p>

<p>Grubers is considered superior in terms of math, but all major SAT prep books should be helpful.</p>

<p>I would go with 5 SAT Math Practice Tests. This is the book that helped me increase my math score by more than 200 points. It’s done the same for a bunch of my friends.</p>

<p>This book was very helpful to me [</a> The New Math SAT Game Plan (9780981589602): Philip Keller: Books](<a href=“]”> It is written by a math teacher that really knows how to explain the problems from easy to hard.</p>