Best Study Plan for SAT I on 4th of June?

<p>Hi. I am an international student who will be taking my SAT I on the 4th of June. I've recently purchased the PR 11 Practice Tests and College Board's Official Study Guide as well as printed the Direct Hits Vocab Lists. </p>

<p>So far, I've taken 2 practice tests from the Blue Book and got a score of 1930 and 1970. My CR and Writing section usually fall between the 500-600 range hence I am really worried for those two sections. My math section is pretty strong so I'm alright with that. </p>

<p>Time is running short and I really need a high score (2200 above) to be able to gain admission to universities which my country will offer scholarships for (typically the ivies).</p>

<p>I'm willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to improve my score by June. </p>

<p>Every valuable advice given will be greatly appreciated!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!</p>

<p>P/S: Also, does anyone know where can I get solid examples which can be used for the Essay section. My country's syllabus (Malaysia) does not cover any literary resources other than Phantom of The Opera and The Pearl. As for history, we do not study world history so that poses a bit of a problem.</p>

<p>hey dude, i got the same situation here. got 20 days more. never prepared for it. work hard. if you really want to improve your score, aim at the grammar section, and run through the high frequency vocab list, there's really not much you can do for critical reading, unless you can read a book everyday.</p>

<p>Thanks for d info. All d best to you too!</p>

<p>Look at your practice tests. What did you miss? Why did you miss it? Can you spot any particular problem areas where concentrated study will make a difference? superfunny is right, grammar review is your best bet. CR is usually the hardest to change. Vocab helps there. Take lots of practice sections and pay close attention to what you are missing and why. Do at least three passages a day. The essay is another area where improvement is possible in a shorter time.
Study at night just before you turn out the lights for bed. No TV after study. Try it and see. Study a vocab list and test yourself in the morning. Your brain consolidates learning during sleep. If there's no distracting static (TV between study and sleep) and if you are getting ENOUGH sleep, you will be amazed how easy learning the words will be.
Finally, don't overdo the study in one session. Short sessions with some time in between are much better than cramming.</p>

<p>Kill yourself studying grammar...and look at your Math. Even a few more points there can make a difference because some schools consider your scores in Critical Reading and Math more than they consider your scores for all three.</p>

<p>2 - 3 practice test a week! I'm scoring 2150 - 2250 average!</p>

<p>Thanks! I've been through silverturtle's guide and it helped loads :)</p>

<p>just got a 2300!</p>