Best summer storage service

<p>Which one is the cheapest? I only know about Big Red Box. Any other alternatives?</p>

<p>Big Red Shipping and Storage is by far the cheapest. They also return your stuff directly to your apartment/dorm in fall.</p>

<p>There is a new company at Cornell called Storage Squad. They do pretty much the same thing as Big Red. They come to your room and get your things and return them to your door the next year. They store things at low priced flat rate and give out unlimited boxes. I ordered 5 boxes for free when I stored (would have cost $30 with Big Red). They drive around in a van and pass out free boxes all day. Call or text the number on the website to get them. They had good service and all the reviews on line are also good. I think I saved about $50 by using them over Big Red. There aren't any accounts of lost boxes or damaged goods but I'm not positive.</p>

<p>Big Red Storage is really expensive and they are sometimes not reliable. I trust them because they are affiliated with the University and ran by Student Agencies but I have heard a lot of horror stories and read some bad reviews online. One girl on my floor had her box crushed and it got really wet on the bottom. They also charge a lot of hidden fees and by the pound so its hard to tell how much it will cost until you are forced to pay it. Overall it is probably a safe bet but you may end up having to pay $300 or so to store all the things from a dorm. I say don't use them.</p>

<p>There is also always the option of getting a self storage unit in town if you have a car and some friends to split it with. Overall this is a lot of trouble and you don't save that much money over the full service but you should also look into it.</p>

<p>Here are the links to each of the sites for reference:</p>

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<p>There's a place in Syracuse that will come to Ithaca. It's called The owner is Paul Pollastro, Sr. Office 315-430-7186, and cell 315-422-9680. Paul provides free boxes, you pack them, his guys come down, cart it back to Syracuse, then return everything in the fall. I've stored a car there. It's inside a former Kmart building, is heated and insured. He puts your items on a pallet, then wraps it with plastic sheeting so it stays clean. I'm not sure what he charges to store pallets, but he was reasonable with the car -- $300 for 8 months.</p>

<p>Wrong website. is for cars. is for student storage. The rates are on the website.</p>

<p>The only storage company that you should consider is Big Red because it is a Cornell student agency. </p>

<p>The Storage squad is NOT affiliated with Cornell and you have No idea how safe your belongings will be. If free boxes are being provided thay are getting you in some other way. Big Red shipping and storage is insured and because they are run by students who care about the job and reputation they leave behind they will do the best job in assuring your satisfaction.</p>

<p>When my kids needed to store their things over the summer we used Big Red and they were wonderful. I also felt good about supporting an agency which is being run by students who are Cornell educated and applying their business and other skills to running a business.</p>

<p>Storage Squad was started by 3 students at Cornell. When I stored this past summer the owner came to get my things and he told me a bit about the company. He was friendly and went out of his way to help me. They rent a nice warehouse in Ithaca and have insurance. I think it would be a safe bet as the same kids who will be going around picking up your boxes will be the ones who would be held responsible if your things are lost/damaged.</p>

<p>Just because a company is a Student Agency doesn't mean reliability, as it is completely ran and managed by undergrads. A lot of the kids who are working are simply trying to earn some extra cash/build resumes and are inexperienced with the tasks. That being said, I'm sure they have provided a great service for the majority of their clients-- I've just heard from a few that had a negative experience. One great thing about Big Red is their convenient locations on campus to drop off your belongings. The major drawback for me was the price and hidden costs (boxes, fuel charge, ect).</p>

<p>I recommend shopping around and doing some searching online. Read some reviews and check the prices at the given places and try to find the best service. Cornell</a> University: Summer and Abroad Storage and Moving | Storage Squad and <a href=""&gt;;/a> have the prices of the services listed and I'm sure there are a few more places.</p>

<p>If you have a car I would still recommend finding some friends who want to share a self storage unit. When the cost is split it is definitely a cheaper way to store your things than Storage Squad or Big Red. It may be a bit of a pain and some extra work but it is worth it.</p>