Best SUNY School for Pre-Med/Prerequisites

Hi, ok so I’m trying to get as much insight as I can regarding which SUNY school is best for those hoping to continue towards med school. After breaking down the list of SUNY schools that are deemed to be the most safe in regards to safety around the campus, it has come down to Albany, Geneseo, and Stony Brook. I’m also considering CUNY as well. Do any of you have opinions on which SUNY would be better when it comes to the pre-requisites for med school as well the school itself? And also, does any of the schools I listed have a safety concern that I should know about or worry about? I want to make sure the school I apply to really good with both academics and all around safety because I would be coming in as an out-of-state student (NJ) and I know one of the biggest worries of my parents is that they won’t be near if something were to happen to me.

Albany is in a sketchy area, but a pretty good school itself. Binghamton is the best SUNY, definitely check that out. UBuffalo is also very strong in the sciences. Stony Brook & Geneseo are also great choices. Maybe look into New Paltz, strong programs and nice area. In terms of CUNY, they’re mostly commuter schools, however, they are very good for their value. Hunter is probably your best bet, but there’s no campus. City College is very good, but sketchy area. Brooklyn, Queens, and Baruch are all also good. Goodluck!!