best thing to do for a test taker like myself

<p>I'm under a problem now. I just found that my US history score is quite bad from a practice test (scored a 530)</p>

<p>Originally, I was hoping to use US history as a test, but now i guess I can't.</p>

<p>Is it okay if I take both Math IC and Math IIC as a subject test since many colleges require 3 subject test? I know that the schools might not like it, but wouldn't it still be better if they saw:</p>

<p>Math IC: 720
Math IIC: 720</p>

<p>as to</p>

<p>US history: 530
Math IIC: 720</p>

<p>and plus I still need to take one more test to have 3 subject test. So should i take Math IIC + Math IC or Math IIC and US history.</p>

<p>edit: one more thing. since i'm going into science, do i HAVE to take a science test? my school has bad overall preparation and basically everybody fails in all test administered at a federal level. Is it better to score 500s on a science test or 600s on the lit test.</p>

<p>most schools only allow consider one of the Math SAT II... so they wouldn't consider them as two tests. A lot of schools also require you to take the Level 2 Math test and won't accept the Level 1 math test...</p>