Best undergrad major(s) to prepare for public policy?

<p>I'm going to be a freshman at a liberal arts college next year. I'm currently looking into attending graduate school for public policy after I recieve my degree. Can anyone tell me the undergrad major combination (I'm open to double majoring) that would best prepare me for public policy grad school? </p>

<p>Some majors my college offers...Politics & Government, Communications, Comparative Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Business, English, International Political Economy, etc.</p>


<p>All the majors you listed would help you succeed in a MPP program, do what you enjoy.</p>

<p>Politics and/or Economics would be the obvious choice, but a solid liberal arts degree with a major in most any area is the best prepartion. That said, it wouldn't hurt to pick up certain courses at the undergrad level, e.g., principles of economics, some courses focusing on quantitative skills, e.g., statistics, etc.</p>

<p>The relevance of a particular also might depend on whether or not you have an interest in certain specialty areas within the public policy field. Interested in environmental policy? Then environmental studies courses will be relevant. Interested in science & technology policy? Then a science major and/or coursework in the history/sociology of science & technology would be relevant. Interested in urban policy? Then coursework in urban studies would be relevant. And there are many other policy areas you could consider as well.</p>

<p>If you are interested in policy analysis, Poli Sci could probably due the overall best job because you will have undergrad courses doing the exact thing.</p>

<p>But, it doesn't really matter. I think Economics wouuld be the best choice because it gives you a broader set of skills and can set you up for a career in business if you decide not to go the public service route.</p>

<p>If you are open to doubling, I think Poli Sci & Statistics is a good choice, or Economics & Business.</p>