Best undergraduate schools for theology?

Currently in community college due to cost but as I get closer to my associate’s I’m not sure where to go. I’m particularly interested in the Anglican tradition, so a school that either has a dedicated program or is directly affiliated with the Episcopal Church would be nice, but not necessarily essential.

Sewanee may be a school that you want to look at.

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Duke University, Notre Dame, & Yale.

Boston College & Davidson College.

Wake Forest University ? (Might just be grad school.)

Pepperdine University. Villanova University. Georgetown. Emory, Baylor University. Boston University.

Not sure whether or not all of the above schools offer an undergraduate degree in theology/religion/philosophy, but all should be worth investigating.

What’s your GPA?
What’s your current major or concentration?
What’s your budget?
What’s in-state for you?

Sewanee would be the obvious one if you have a strong GPA (3.5+). It’s strongly affiliated with the Episcopal Church and there’s a seminary you can join after graduating college.
Kenyon if you have a 3.75+ GPA and want to double major. Mostly secular.
Hobart&William Smith if you have a 3.3+ GPA.

Strong in Religion/Theology:
Catholicism: Notre Dame and Holy Cross; Catholic University of America (but follows papal bullae/order so may not be appropriate for a non Catholic)
Lutheran: St Olaf
Baptism: Baylor
Church of Christ: Pepperdine
Quaker: Haverford

If you do a computer search, consider broadening your search from just “theology” to “theology / religion / religious studies / philosophy”.