Best value Dorms at UT (honors dorm eligible)

Committed to UT for fall 2021! Currently looking at dorms out of excitement with my mom, and wanted to know which dorm any former/current students recommend? I’ve looked at many websites but many ppl who love a dorm, ill find commentary of ppl who hated it. I can not afford duren or san jacento, but would prefer a dorm thats a bit roomier and has nice features (thermostat, sink, private bathroom? etc). Im 50/50 between Carothers and jester east. I think rooms are similar, but Carothers is quiet compared to jester. I am a psych/plan2/ pre med, so I think Carothers would be more logical so that i can study in peace, but Im also a very outgoing person and would feel left out if I wasnt a part of jester who is known for its huge size and social aspect. Tie breaker right now would simply be which dorm is nicer. Any recommendations? Andrews also seems nice


@ceces_pizza123, I hope you get some good responses with this post! We are considering Andrews or Carothers for my son if he gets into honors engineering because of the sink and quietness aspects. If he can’t get into the honors quad, he is considering Prather or Roberts. Have you considered BRP? I understand they are quiet but right there at Jester. One reviewer said they could get to the Jester food courts faster than Jester residents. The only downside is no sink in the room. Not sure if that is a deal breaker for you or not.

Thank you! Honeslty I heard Moore hill is pretty decent in size and that it’s quiet and has a tight knit community, haven’t looked much into it but definitely sounds like a solid option!

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Not a student but, my DS was in Carothers for 2 years and made life-long friends (moved to an apt. for 3 & 4th year) and although they are in grad school all across the country they all still talk/Zoom at least once a week.

I’ll try to remember some of the pros & cons for Carothers:

Sinks in the room
Thermostat setting in the room
Community bath- cleaned by staff twice a day & never a problem getting in for a shower, etc.
Lobby for studying/ piano
Elevator- don’t have to use stairs all the time

Super super small closet space shared by both.
Need to walk across the street to Kins for food.

Also- beds can’t be lofted but we used risers to add more storage space under the bed.
Plus- for some reason the even # rooms- facing the street are a little bigger than the odd #- facing the courtyard!

Hope this helps in some way.
Congrats & Hook 'em!

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