Best visit days for accepted students?

I live far away and want to visit campus before I enroll anywhere. There are a few options: Tiger Fridays, Trinity 360 (on Saturday) and just a regular campus visit. Unfortunately, the overnight visit slots are filled for the nights before any of the Tiger Fridays, so I’d have to stay in a hotel. First question: is there any difference between Tiger Fridays and Trinity 360? 360 is a bit further away so I may be able to get a cheaper flight. However, I’d think that it’d be better to go on a Friday.

Another option would be doing an overnight visit and signing up for the tour and class visit the next day. It’d probably allow me to see more of the campus as it truly is and meet current students, but there are a couple of negatives. I wouldn’t be able to meet anyone who would be in my class, and I feel like it’d be a bit more intimidating to be one of (if not the only) high school student there.

So, can anyone provide insight into any or all of these 3 options? Does anyone know if you can eat at the dining halls for free if I do an overnight? Any input would be appreciated.

My son was admitted to Trinity and we just re-visited last week. He sat in on two classes, toured campus, and attended a separate info-session for admitted students that included a panel of three current students. We arrived the night before and his admissions counselor took us out to dinner, along with a Trinity student who shared my son’s area of interest. It was a wonderful visit. Our family will likely return for Trinity 360. Trinity’s admissions office is really responsive and helpful. Call them with any questions you may have about the best time to visit, overnights, etc and they’ll help you decide.

If the logistics are equal, definitely the 360 day. They have a complete program, you will meet faculty, have presentations, and meet a ton of other prospective students.

See if Admissions can set you up to stay overnight either before or after the 360 program.

Good luck!

I agree with @ColdinMinny, certainly if you can make it to the 360 day that would get you the most, best information. During that day you also get a free lunch in the dining hall. You’d also get to eat in the dining hall if you came for a regular overnight visit.

As for being intimidated about being the only high schooler on campus, let me set a scene (this was me not too long ago):
You are being led around campus by a current student, not an official tour, more like an insider’s tour. You walk into CSI, our science building, and see half a dozen students scattered around studying. The student you’re with says "hey everyone! This is [your name], and they are interested in [your interests]. All the students then want to make your acquaintance and you now know half a dozen upperclassmen with similar interests to yours.

We’re a friendly bunch and we want everyone to come here. Yeah, it can be a little intimidating, but whatever event you choose to come to will give you a ton of information and you’ll meet many awesome people, either from your class or current students (and both on the 360 day!)