Best way to enhance my ECs...?

ACT: 34
SAT: 2300
GPA: 3.9 uw

Public high school- rural midwest

Here are the bare bones of my current extracurriculars:

Band- drum major
Jazz Band- lead alto
StuCo- class president
Theatre- major role in 7 productions. FOH manager in 1. Stage hand in 1.
NTS- secretary
PALS (Peer Assisted LeaderShip)- president
Scholar’s Bowl- varsity

I’ve spent the past three summers working out of state as an administrative assistant for a major moving business. During the school year, I work 25-35 hours/week at Outback Steakhouse.

This summer (between junior and senior year), I chose three projects I was interested in pursuing:

1. Develop an app to increase productivity and efficiency of the moving business. Would make scheduling jobs, contacting customers, making invoices/receipts, etc easier and doable from a single phone application. Self-taught.

2. Create a non-profit music education organization. It would raise money for the to buy and repair instruments off of Craigslist to give to students in need. Would collect an repair donated instruments. It would also link high school musicians who want volunteer hours to young kids wanting music lessons.

3. Self-teach Spanish. I love language and have always wanted to be bilingual. It's very practical, especially because I work in the service industry and encounter many spanish-speaking coworkers and customers. Would demonstrate competency by taking the SAT II Spanish test.

Of the three projects, what do you think would enhance my application the most? How would you rank the three projects in order of difficulty? What are your general reflections? I appreciate all positive feedback. Thank you!

What kind of colleges do you want to apply to? Do you have the stats for them already (test scores, GPA, etc)?

I should have included that! I just added that info.

ACT: 34
SAT: 2300
GPA: 3.9 uw

My dream school is Yale. I plan on applying to 12 schools: several reaches with a few matches/safeties that I’d be happy to attend. I haven’t finalized a list yet. My major is undecided. I’m not interested in STEM careers.

Don’t do things just to try and craft that “perfect” college application. That is an impossible task as nobody can predict what an admissions officer would prefer. Pick the thing that interests you most and go for it.

I guess I’d go for #2 given that. But you really should do what interests you the most.