best way to get rid of dangerous roommate

<p>hi im a freshman and i am terrified of my roommate. my roommate is very violent and gets enraged easily. he gets in my face and screams over little things like me not making my bed. he will even raise a fist as if he was going to hit me. He also keeps large knives(which im not cool with) in the room and likes to sit them on his desk if we have a disagreement. i feel he is a danger to me and other students. now we have a week off and i wanted to try to deal with this in a way where he wont think it was me who told on him. i do not want him to know it was me because one i am afraid of him and two he will use it to ruin my reputation at my school and try to turn our mutual friends against me. i know i could easily switch roommates but i know he will do the same thing to others and i could not live with it if he hurt someone. can he get expelled for having weapons? who can i get to handle this without anyone finding out it was me who told? any help is appreciated because i am very scared</p>

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<p>You probably should tell somebody. Most likely the university has a policy against keeping knives like that around. It will not “ruin your reputation”, it isn’t high school. If your friends ask why’d you switch, simply tell them “I did not want to live around his knives and shi*.”</p>

<p>Talk to your RA. If you are concerned about switching because you think he will harm someone else, this situation needs to be dealt with. RAs/RDs know how to deal with all kinds of crazy roommate situations. They will do what they can to help you work out the social aspect as well. I agree with Crustacean - Don’t worry about the reputation. You should not have to feel unsafe in your own room. The knives could very well be a violation of school policy, and him threatening to hit you like that is not OK. In the long run, you are not doing him any favors by not acting.</p>

<p>Go to your RA immediately and insist on action right away. If you feel threatened, that is not OK.</p>

<p>Go to your RA and get out of there! Feeling unsafe is never acceptable. </p>

<p>If you’re worried about him hurting you after you move (or after they make him move), let your PD know. Idk what they can do if the guy is truly crazily violent, but perhaps they can keep an eye out and keep tabs on him. </p>

<p>Don’t be worried or ashamed. You need to get out. And if your mutual friends give you flak for it, you don’t want them around anyway.</p>