best way to get to school from ontario airport

<p>i'm sure this has been asked before, but what's the best way to get to school from ontario airport?</p>

<p>Ontario isn't that big an airport and it isn't that far from school, Google maps I'm sure provides the best route. There aren't many possible options, you take the 10 pretty much the whole way.</p>

<p>Super Shuttle... if you don't have a car. $20, I believe...</p>

<p>Ah, I misunderstood. The super shuttle is the most common method, if you happen to arrive with a few other people a taxi works as well. Best case, you somehow make friends with someone with a car.</p>

<p>well this is for SI, so i probably wont have anyone to drive me there, and i need to know this quick.</p>

<p>Who's taking the super shuttle? If it hasn't been reserved yet, may I join or do you want to join me to go with me?</p>

<p>Since you're going there for SI, super shuttle/taxi really are your only choices.</p>

<p>Either one works - just make sure you reserve with other people if you're going with Super Shuttle (price per person drops pretty quick) or find somebody going to the 5Cs if you're going with a taxi.</p>

<p>I've done both, and realistically, they are roughly the same price if you manage well (share taxi with another/two people, reserve super shuttle with 1-4 others, etc).</p>

<p>It looks like on the SI Arrival form they have the super shuttle phone as: (800-258-3826).
If you do find someone to go with you make sure they give you the discount. I rode in with my daughter during admit students weekend in April and they charged us both full price. Again, it was only $20.</p>

<p>A taxi is about the same fare as a SuperShuttle, with the added benefits of supporting a local entrepreneur, usually getting a better and friendlier driver, and not having to wait for anyone else's stop along the way.</p>

<p>Mudders are great at arranging rides, though. After you get there and get settled in, you'll probably never pay for a ride again (other than gas money, chocolate, or some other token currency). You might ask your sponsor whether (s)he can hook you up with a ride for SI.</p>