Best way to prep for ACT?

<p>Okay so I'm taking the ACT for my first time. I have taken the SAT 3 times and got a 1720 superscored. </p>

<p>On the ACT, I'm hoping for a 28+. Im going to prepare this month and up until the test day in September (which is when im taking it). I'm stronger in math than reading. I also think I can write a good essay. I tend to second guess myself a lot but that's something I need to work on. </p>

<p>I have the ACT Princeton review 2011 book. Can you guys tell me any tips and help on taking the ACT? Anything would help. Thanks!</p>

<p>On the science section go straight to the questions, don't bother reviewing background information (unless you are doing competing scientists - in which case it would be very smart to read everything).
Know basic grammar (honestly I didn't, I just studied it for the exam)
FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! That is the only way to ensure you'll get the score you want. Furthermore, ignore practice test scores, mine were 3 points lower than what I got. Just check what you didn't get right/unsure about and learn from the practice tests. Make sure you do them in timed conditions as well.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I got the PR book and will look up the tips in there but I'll need the practice question book. TY! If there is anyone else with tips, please do give! I appreciate it! :)</p>