Best way to self teach a language?

<p>I want to learn French, but I can't afford a private teacher / college course. Any tips on self teaching? Planning to start in a week or so - school gets out Friday!</p>

<p>You can find many courses on iTunes U. They're recorded university lectures and can be downloaded for free.</p>

<p>I just started an Arabic course. They say I'll be able to form sentences and speak some phrases by the end of it. It looks promising.</p>

<p>iTunes U sounds interesting... can you put iTunes downloads on a Zune?</p>

<p>Rosetta Stone? But it's expensive :[</p>

<p>You could use a podcast. Try Coffeebreakfrenchdotcom</p>


<p>I used to use this:</p>

<p>Mocha live :]</p>

<p>it's for free :)</p>

<p>If you are serious, immerse yourself in that language 24/7. Find music, listen to that music all the time, watch shows in the that language, read in that language, etc.</p>

<p>PM me, I have a FANTASTIC site that will give you the BEST advice on self teaching x language. I'm using it, and from its advice I learned 400+ kanji (learning japanese) in about a month. Normally, Japanese kids learn 80-120 per year.</p>

<p>Get a reader/dual language book and a dictionary. You'll recognize many cognates and can start figuring things out from there. This is a great supplement or just start to learning things from various online sites and and books. Just know you don't have to spend much money! Pimsleur and Assimil are good programs/systems with text to read and usually audio to listen to.</p>

<p>It's fun... good luck. :) You can PM me if you're stuck. I've taken French and self-study several languages.</p>

<p>Rosetta Stone.</p>

<p>I have it with six language packs (Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian)</p>

<p>I think learning grammar wouldn't be hard. But if you want to speak really well then it might be harder. You'll need someone to tell you if you're pronouncing words correctly. Like others said, you can try to immerse yourself with french culture, but it may be somewhat difficult because american culture (or wherever you're from) will still be dominant.</p>

<p>Rosetta stone.
It works pretty well.</p>

<p>VERY expensive though, but if you are committed it works.</p>

<p>Rosetta Stone <em>can</em> be free.... I just have to find the right people ;P</p>

<p>Rosetta stone</p>

<p>watch french tv </p>

<p>Ah, it's how everyone I know learned english, TV.</p>