Best way to study/practice?

<p>So in June, I took my first ACT and got a 29 composite (29E, 34M, 26R, 28S) without any studying. I am really hoping that with some dedication and studying over this next month, I can jump to a 33/34 in September. Do you guess think it is possible?</p>

<p>I have already read Barron's ACT 36 book so there is my foundation to work from. I feel the best way to study is to do practice problems. I have 11 tests to work with and can probably find more online. I missed an entire reading passage in June so I need to up my speed. I also missed 7 questions on the science so I need to find a way to get to the differing viewpoints. Do you guess feel if I just do practice tests until September, I will be able to get to the 33/34 range? How much per day should I do. I want the practice to have an impact on my score, but I do not want to burn out from doing too much. Any suggestions?</p>