Best Ways to Improve Vocab?

<p>I took the SAT over the fall of last year without much studying because I knew I was planning on taking it a second time so I was basically using that for practice. The part I struggled at most was the reading because there was a lot of words I didn't know the meaning of. Anyone know any websites or methods I can use over the summer to improve my vocab? Thanks!</p>

<p>Use Sparknotes's Vocab flashcards. They have a ton, the flashcards really help, and you don't have to write them out yourself.
Some might argue that making flashcards helps you learn, but I find that flipping back and forth between their high tech digital flashcards is great.
And if you like music, look up Flocabulary. It's not super efficient (and it's cheesy as hell) but it'll definitely help you remember :)</p>