Best window scrubber/squeegee combo with an extension pole for sliding glass doors

There are a gazillion of these on Amazon. Anyone have a brand they love and would recommend? I only need to clean our sliding glass doors, so while I do want a pole that extends I don’t need one that is super long. I can reach the tops of our sliders just by standing on a step stool and reaching. I mix up my own concoction for washing windows, so I am thinking maybe one that isn’t super wide is better so it will fit in a bucket??

I would want one that has a removable scrubbing side that could be tossed in the washing machine. There seem to be many that are microfiber which seems preferable to a sponge.

Is it better to have one that you have to flip/spin from the scrubber side to the squeegee side or is it better if one is on top of the other? While flipping might seem like a pain, I’m kind of worried about the latter If the scrubber gets in the way of the squeegee or visa versa if they are on the same side.

My storage space is limited.

TIA for sharing what you have used and liked!

DocaPole by DocaZoo. Comes in many adjustable pole sizes. Think the shortest starts at 5 feet (adjustable to 12 feet). About $40 on Amazon. Squeegee and microfiber head (removable for washing). Works great! (price varies on pole length) The squeegee and microfiber are on opposite sides. The head is totally adjustable for angle also.

I just ordered one of these, based on a CCer recommendation. It arrived and I have not used it, yet, but they are substantial poles, heavy enough that I think I will still have some force in my washing the super high windows.

We’ve washed our super high windows with it and it works great. I think ours extends to 24 feet.

@gouf78 - thanks!