Best Wishes to all of you!

<p>Tomorrow is the big day!</p>

<p>I remember being so nervous for my son! I am not sure if unofficial transcripts will load again before you get the letter, but please remember that unless you get a rejection letter that you may still get accepted up to two weeks, or so, after tomorrow. My son's transcript loaded about 1am on the 15th last year. </p>

<p>One student on this board last year was stressed for weeks and was sure he wouldn't be accepted because it was taking so long to hear from U.W. but finally got the Big Envelope!</p>

<p>And remember if you do get a rejection letter that God has better plans for you than U.W. It would have nothing to do with who you are as a person, for some reason it just wasn't a fit with U.W. but it will be somewhere!</p>

<p>hear hear, tessey! :)</p>


<p>Thanks, tessey! I may private message you later. You’ve been so helpful.</p>

<p>Thanks Tessey! Definitely calmed my nerves a little. :)</p>