Best work study jobs?

<p>Whats the best work study jobs to work at? Is it better to work in admissions, dean's office, library or what?</p>

<p>The best work study jobs are those where you can sit and do homework or assigned reading while "working." I have heard of several. </p>

<li><p>A computer room monitor, whose job is to watch over a room of PCs used by students, give basic advice on Word and Powerpoint, and tell the users to reboot when a PC locks up. 99% homework time.</p></li>
<li><p>Check in person at an exercise facility. Make sure users have proper ID cards and take reservations for racquetball courts. 98% homework time.</p></li>
<li><p>Set up person for in class presentation equipment. In 10 minutes between classes, hook up profs laptops with projectors. 85% homework time.</p></li>
<li><p>Periodicals dept. at library. Catalog and shelve each day's mail delivery of magazines and journals, read the articles in the university's subscription copy of Playboy, help the rare patron or student that actualy needs something. 84% homework time.</p></li>

<p>I happen to not agree with you. Perhaps you should have said "easiest" jobs. I personally think the best workstudy jobs are where you learn about something, gain a skill, meet people in the discipline, find out if you want to work in the field. Some workstudy jobs are research and you can join in on publishing. To me workstudy is a great opportunity to earn money and learn at the same time. Easy clerk work is not what everyone wants from a workstudy experience. Money yes....but not gaining anything more.....big loss. I am not opposed to folks doing the easy clerk jobs but don't call them "BEST".</p>

<p>I happen to agree with you. By all means, something like research assistant to a Nobel Prize winner, or personal aide to the Dean, would be the ideal work study job. Chances are, however, that the ws jobs actually offerred will not be all that great, so the best job available might be one that can allow multi-tasking with school work that has to be done sometime anyway.</p>

<p>Maybe my school just has lots of offerings but they are truly wonderful...many different things that I would never have was like going to a candy store.</p>

<p>So what did you end up with, Hazmat, for your work study job?</p>

<p>I have done some special projects. I took this job to meet Law folks and find out if I was really interested in going to Law School and I am. If it were not for working in Biddle I could not go in. I also deliver some special documents to Law Firms actually a specific person and send to many law firms around the country ..... I have loved my experience at Biddle. Each law library has specific and special collections which folks from all over want to use. It is interesting. I have friends who do research at the hospital and one who does engineering/IT work both of them find their jobs interesting and have met people whom they otherwise would not have.</p>

<p>I had the BEST work study job. I worked as a student assistant for a very prominent professor in my department for a full year (my junior year). I wrote briefs for his journal articles, proofread much of what he wrote, and did typing for him (back in the dark ages). I also organized his office about every two months. He wrote me GREAT letters of recommendation which I used for grad school. People often wondered (to me) how I got letters from such a prominent guy in my field of study...well....I worked for him!! The worst work study job I had was sitting in the library checking student ID cards. It was BORING...the time went very slowly. I couldn't wait for that one to end.</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing about your WS jobs. I love hearing your story. I worked for someone famous for two summers now and it is kinda funny when you hear the name bantered about isn't it? Mostly I am grateful and happy to have what I have.....sounds like you were too. I started out doing one thing and the next thing i knew I was learning other stuff and doing a totally different job. Mostly I have not had to seek another job every year or worry about recommendations either. Thanks again for your story.</p>