Best/Worst Professors for Intro Chem and Business Econ Courses?

<p>I do not have a strong background in chemistry and math, but need to take intro chem (31) and a few econ courses (finance, accounting, etc.) I made 5's on the AP econ exams, but have relatively weak math skills and have not taken calculus yet. </p>

<p>Wondering if anyone has recommendations on professors to take these classes with that make the material clear & simple with focus on concepts?</p>


<p>go to [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;], and try the "RATE MY PROFESSOR" category.</p>

<p>If you got 5's on both Micro and Macro AP Econ exams, take Econ 55 with Nechyba this fall. He's the only one teaching it this fall, but he doesn't always teach it. He's the best for 55. Prof. Emma Rasiel is probably the most recommended Econ professor at Duke, but she teaches mostly finance classes.</p>

<p>Math 31 is a co-requisite for Econ 55, so if you want to take 55 this fall you'll also have to take math.</p>

<p>Edit: Econ 182 (Financial Accounting) seems to be the only finance/accounting course with no pre-reqs and Prof. Skender has great reviews. Unfortunately, it is completely full with a lengthy waitlist for this fall. The problem you may encounter with most of the finance classes (at least the ones I've found) is that they require strong backgrounds in Econ or Math.</p>