Betsy Barbour?

<p>So I really wanted a single on Central and by the time I got to select, the only rooms left were in Barbour, so I took an 8x15 single in Barbour. I have never even been inside BB before and never known anyone who's lived there. Does anyone have any commentary on what the rooms are like, how strict the rules are (especially re: male visiting hours and stuff like that), what the community is like? Thanks!</p>

<p>There are no special rules at barbour, it's just like any other dorm in that regard-- no restrictions on visiting hours. You made a good choice, you'll like it there! Be sure to take advantage of the community areas there and at Newberry next door, you'll meet a GREAT group of girls. Have fun at Barbour!</p>

<p>when are you starting? for fall 2012 I didn't think you even applied for housing until later this spring.....</p>

<p>@shs Well, clearly, I am a second-year returning student.... and clearly I applied for housing already. Returning students register for housing in February. Are you unclear with UMich housing procedures?</p>

<p>@Emaheevul Awesome! That makes me look forward to living there even more. You can't beat the location of Barbour/Newberry but I didn't know a thing about their rules/regulations, so I am glad to hear it should be just as lenient as any other place. I'm hoping I can have my boyfriend stay over every now and then without getting in trouble :) If I have any more Barbour/Newberry questions can I PM you? It's always good to hear from someone who has actually lived there!</p>

<p>Wow, snarky snarky :P</p>

<p>Haha, didn't mean to be. Upon second reading it does sounds kind of snarky. Apologies :)</p>

<p>I lived in Newberry 30 years ago, and there were no rules then about BF's spending the night. :) I am pretty sure they haven't gotten LESS restrictive over time. You will be fine.</p>

<p>You can PM me any time you want! My BF slept over every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night all year round-- nobody cared and it was not against the rules. I'd heard rumors the girls there were more conservative and might judge me about male sleepovers, but that wasn't true either. It's really not different from living in any of the other dorms, only it's nicer and cleaner and in my opinion the people are nicer. The girls there seemed much more relaxed and much less catty than they did in my co-ed dorm my first year. I have trouble making friends and ways always "one of the guys," never had a lot of female friends, and I was still happy at Newberry. Definitely take advantage of the cafeteria in barbour, it's small and it's a great way to meet people-- when I ate alone I frequently got invites from other groups of girls to join them, everyone was very welcoming. It's really a GREAT environment! And I was a junior, too, it certainly shattered some of the myths about making new friends being impossible once freshman orientation is over. Barbour is bigger than newberry and I think it has fewer community amenities, but barbour, newberry, and fletcher are all "sister houses" and you can move freely between all the buildings-- between Newberry and Barbour you'll have everything you need, and they're mere feet from each other anyway.</p>

<p>hi iloveumich. I am just a mom trying to make sure my son didn't miss any deadline! Sorry.</p>