Better chance to transfer to UCLA ??? Major problem

<p>In PCC, the college I am going to attend, offers scholar program to UCLA. I guess it is the same thing as TAP, right?
But it says "given priority consideration for admission to UCLA College of Letters and Science. "
So I have to pick one of the majors in College of Letters and Science?
Because I intend to major in mechanical engineering or computer science, which both are not in College of Letters and Science.
By the way, the admitted rate of computer science and computer engineering is really low, like 33% last year and the year before that. But I am interested in computer...
Anyways, I find nothing that can interest me in College of Letters and Science. I like math, but I dont think Applied Mathematics (77% admitted rate) can get me good jobs in the future. ( I dont even know what they do, can anyone tell me?)
What should I do with my major now?</p>

<p>Is there any other programs that can help me trasfer to UCLA?</p>

<p>first and foremost, you cannot change your major in the application process at ucla, let alone switch colleges (as far as i know).</p>

<p>second, the tap program is only for CLS.</p>

<p>third, you are stuck so good luck.</p>

<p>um...I haven't picked my major yet. I am still a senior in High School.
So I cannot join any programs that helps me with transfer if I major in engineering? what if I cannot find any major that interests me in CLS?</p>

<p>any suggestions?</p>

<p>My suggestion is to go for your dream, but realize that UCLA might not be the school that you ultimately end up at. There are lots of great universities in California where you can get an engineering degree. For that matter, by the time you are ready to transfer, you might even be looking at schools outside of California. That said, don't let low transfer rates get you down. If you study hard, get excellent grades, and stay on track, you should be fine.</p>

<p>I got accepted by UCSD, but not sure if I should go.
They put me in computer science thogh, which is hard to find jobs nowadays.</p>