Better SAT 2 scores

<p>Will high SAT 2 scores such as 700+ in Lit and US make up for not as high SAT scores? please I am desperate</p>

<p>Having just attended an information night with a Yale admissions officer, I sense that the most important thing in your application packet is your transcript (grades!). Scores matter too, but the panic you are having about SAT/SATII is not going to make or break your app. Yale is looking for people who bring things to the campus: brains, and also talent, a positive outlook, appropriate social skills and the willingness to take full advantage of what Yale offers. The intangible part of that list can come through in your essays and recommendations. It can't be found in a test score. That's the way I heard our presenter. Other opinions?</p>

<p>What kind of scores do you need to be competitive? I got 710, 740, and 800, but I'm not sure if that's good enough for Yale?</p>

<p>Nobody in my area has taken SAT II's, so any help is appreciated.</p>

<p>This is totally from memory so I may be wrong by I think 730 is the middle 50% for all the SAT I categories. SAT II's are probably in the mid-700s as well. I'm pretty sure the 25%-75% range is on the Yale admissions website.</p>

<p>Craintrain--Concur with riverrunner that grades are more important than test scores. If you've got great grades and ECs, you could still be accepted. That being said, is there still time for you to take the ACT?</p>

<p>i hadn't had time to study with the sats and sat 2's so i couldn't study for the ACT......i have a 99.31 3 yr gpa and lots of extracurriculars i tutor 5 times a week im a retreat leader i have two jobs etc. i have sat scores in mid 1800's but im anticipating very high 600's- 700's on my lit and us sat 2's........i need some input</p>

<p>I tried to find the middle 50% for subject tests on the yale website, but couldn't find it. Any ideas?</p>

<p>bmwdan, on another thread somewhere I saw a comment that MIT is the only top-tier school that publishes its SAT II mid-ranges. They were, of course, 770++ in all the science subjects, which is what you would expect from MIT matriculants. The only other datapoint I can offer is that in a mailing we got from Princeton 2 years ago, they said something about their students being over 750, but I have never seen this anywhere else.</p>

<p>thanks ailey. i just got something in the mail from williams today, and it looks like the majority of their students are in the 700-750 range, which surprised me. wow, 770+ scares me...</p>