better school then it gets credit for

<p>i used to attend manhattanville (mville as most students there refer to it as), and then transferred to UConn- Storrs, where i am finishing up right now.</p>

<p>look, mville is not hard to get into and i must admit, as mean as this is to say, there are some real dummies there, but for the most part students there were bright w/out being particularly intellectually curious or ambitious. plus the school takes in a wide range, which means there are some very smart kids here mixed in w/ the not-so-bright at all.</p>

<p>Plus in the past 5 years alone, one or more students have matriculated to mville from very prestigious high schools:</p>

<p>Greenwich Academy, Phillips Exeter, Hotchkiss, Nobles, Phillips Academy, Convent of Sacred Heart in NY, Harvard-Westlake in Cali, Hopkins School, and Horrace Mann, among others including Loomis Chaffee and Miss Porter's in CT </p>

<p>below is mville's matriculating class profile for the class of 2013:</p>

<p>Cr. Rd. 25 - 75% range: 520 - 640
Math: 510 - 610
Wrtng: 510 - 630</p>

<p>Top 10%ile in High Schl: 22%
Top 25%ile: 47%
Top Half: 80%</p>

<p>plus it has a great location, in a nice and extremely safe suburb 40 mins away from NYC and only 10 mins away from small city White Plains</p>

<p>yes kids at UConn are smarter overall, but still why is mville considered to be such a lousy school by so many?!? why cant it move up in selectivity during this time of massive increase in applicants?</p>

<p>any thoughts / responses would be great! i want to hear insight from others' who either attend or have attended the school, or know about mville</p>


<p>My daughter is a Freshman there and really likes it. College is what you make it. She has met more independent-type kids there and a lot of international students. The name of a school is fine, but you have to work and study what you are interested in and what works for your life goals not a status goal.</p>

<p>So nice to hear that. Im currently a freshman at a community college @ miami. Looking for transfer next fall, they offered me a really good finAid package, besides that they have a program with which i would end up with a master in 5 years (counting this, my freshman yr) ... I just loved the offer!
I am really excited about it.
ps: Visited the campus back in February and just loved it...</p>

<p>good to hear. Other than the change in weather from Fla to NY I hope you like it. NYC is also not too far away. Good luck in your decision!</p>

<p>The application deadline passed in february right? I was interested but i didnt make the deadline...</p>