Better teachers or better schedule?

I’m stuck, If I get all of my classes with the best possible teachers, I am looking at one class and a lab(Monday only) on MW and 4 classes on TR from 8AM-4:45 PM. I can get them split up into a great schedule but not the best teachers.
Classes I am taking are Thermodynamics, Chem 2 with lab, Differential Equations, Intro to Biomedical Engineering, and Statics. An intense semester by any means. What are your opinions?

I’ve done nine consecutive hours of class one semester, and despite having had the best teachers in all of the classes, I ended up with one of my two Bs, in a class that’s extremely important to me.

I would suggest you take a look at some of your alternatives in terms of class instructors. If you can balance your classes a bit more evenly without taking a large sacrifice in the quality of instructor, I would go with that. Being in class for that long of a period twice a week is bound to negatively interfere with your absorption of class material.

Switch out one of the TTH classes to a Monday, even if the teacher isn’t as good. You want a balanced schedule - and by switching just one class you’d still have 3 good instructors.

I would ignore the ratings. Sometimes hard teachers are better. What works for you may be very different than what the reviewers say. Those reviews are a small sample of students.

If it were me, I’d take the better teachers, because this type of class (weeder) the teacher is the most important determining factor for grades.

^ except that hours that don’t match your biological clock also affect how much you learn…

I would take better teachers - especially if these teachers have at least 4.3/5.0 rating. From what I’ve seen so far, teachers truly make the biggest difference. Since the schedule is not ideal, I’d say make sure to spend time studying. Study in advance, and you should be fine.