better to be a treasure or secretary

<p>hey guys, i'm just wondering which position would look more like an offical leadership position on the college resume. i know you should do what you want to do but at my school the FCCLA club needs both a treasure and secretary and if i'm going to invest my time in something, i like to do something that has a larger impact on the club. so which position would you say is higher up on the club leadership heircharcy? (btw this club isn't a huge fundraising club)</p>

<p>this is sort of sad...</p>

<p>ask yourself, which position would allow you to contribute the most?</p>

<p>it depends really. My advice would to look at what you want to be when you get out of college or what you want to major in. Then decide which position uses more of the skills required. </p>

<p>ex. If you want to major in accountingr, be a treasurer; if you want to major in...umm....secretarying(?) be the secretary :P</p>

<p>other than that, just do whatever you would have the most fun doing. I mean, do you like to write or perform math operations? All of us are different, just find a skill you excell in and run with it. </p>


<p>You wrote: i like to do something that has a larger impact on the club</p>

<p>It doesn't matter what you are, secretary or treasurer, you can MAKE impact in whatever position you are, even if you are a member</p>

<p>a college isnt going to give anything if you're a treasurer or a secretary, have you been devoted to that club? that's all that matters</p>

<p>if you want to be overobsessed with figuring out what's going to make your application impeccable, then say if you're interested in liberal arts choose sec, in maths and sciences, choose treasurer, but honestly, its not going to matter at all</p>