Better to keep AP Physics C for Stanford REA or drop if I get a C semester grade?


I’m struggling with AP Physics C my senior year. The two physics exams (M and E&M) will be my 15th and 16th AP exams by the time May rolls around next year. I’ve been a primarily A student with only one B+ ever. I have a C- in Physics and a B in another class right now.

I’ve heard that colleges you’re applying early to will not see your semester grades until after you’ve already been accepted/denied. Would it make sense to drop Physics C for fear of getting a C in the class if my Early’s can’t see my current grade? (Applying early to Stanford, Georgia Tech, UIUC, etc). It will be tough to get my grade up to a B, but it’s possible.

I’ve also heard that Stanford would possibly rescind if they find that I got a C in Physics this semester. What are your thoughts?

If you’d like more info, I can add. Thank you.

I don’t have an answer, but can tell you my son also just took a hit in AP Physics C. He’s going to seek some extra help to try to improve his grade.

Early applications are in, so that works in your favor. It’s the regular decision apps that are in question.

If you dropped Physics, what would the rest of your schedule look like? What is your intended major?

Have you already taken a one year physics course in HS?

What’s your intended major is the key question. If it’s engineering, physics C will be one of the most helpful courses to prepare you for college. If you are struggling with it now, I’d get tutoring help ASAP.

Also keep in mind that if you drop the class, you’ll have to inform the colleges you’ve already applied to of the change. IMO, that could look like a drop in rigor which is important for highly selective schools.