Better to show depth in one or two areas?

<p>I'm very involved with FBLA/business at my school and have won several regional/state awards and qualified for nationals. However, I've got Intel ISEF/Siemens for my science research and was very involved with that too, though I was NOT involved in science bowls or clubs at school. I'd love to combine the two in my studies and future career.</p>

<p>For the schools that have an undergrad business program or dual-degree option, I'll obviously be talking about how I love both. </p>

<p>However, for the other schools, is it better to focus on just science research (since my major international/national awards are from that) or would it be better to focus on my research but highlight my business involvement in the Common App extracurricular explanation section?</p>

<p>I just don't know if I should go 100% for science or highlight both but focus a lot more on science?</p>

<p>(Applying to Ivies & top schools, some LACs, etc.)</p>


<p>bump10char :)</p>

<p>Do what ever you're most passionate about. You shouldn't travel along the "do whatever looks best for colleges" route. Top colleges will see right through that.</p>